Since 2015, the company has provided highly competitive technical solutions to the oil, natural gas, petrochemical and energy markets, which help integrate customers and partners in a safe, timely and sustainable manner. Its portfolio includes the supply of drilling fluids, mining fluids and waste control, which can be integrated with Great Oil drilling services.

The company’s long-term vision is to become a reference in the development of innovative solutions with differentiated technology capable of anticipating needs and exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Our fluid technologies, including Nano chemical, deliver superior filtration control and excellent suspension characteristics for cost-effective hole cleaning, lubrication, and troublesome clay inhibition. For example, the coefficient of friction for synthetic oil based muds (SBM’s) at 400 inch-lbs of torque is over 0.28. Maxim’s base ingredient has a 0.04 coefficient of friction at that same torque setting. To ensure minimal impact to the local community and ecosystem, couple these solutions with an integrated environmental management system.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Fluids

Suite of bentonite and polymer drilling products specifically engineered for HDD applications.

Mining Fluids

Drilling fluids formulated for borehole stability, core quality.

Waterwell Drilling Fluids

Portfolio of drilling fluids and additives that deliver optimum drilling efficiency while protecting drinking water supplies

Offshore Environmental friendly technology with cost and high performance

  • Water Treatment Technology
  • Biodegradable synthetic base fluids
  • Green Nano Fluid System
  • Low Environmental Impact


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Great Solutions offers a suite of bentonite and polymer drilling fluid systems and additives that are customized for to meet HDD objectives.